Am i Lithuania?

It’s not just a geographical area anymore. It’s a group of people spread all over the globe. Let’s reintroduce ourselves to the world and one another through the pictures we share everyday. No matter where or who you are – we are one. Got a photo that you think represents Lithuania? Simply use the submit box on the left handside menu on our website or start using #ailithuania hashtag (on Instagram, Twitter, Fancy, Tumblr… everywhere) and there’s a good chance it will be presented here. AiLITHUANIA is constructed as an inhalator to our view of lifestyle, fashion, music, arts, photography, architecture, design etc. AiLITHUANIA gathers all our fantasies and triggers all our senses. Play, fun and art – all combined. Its simplicity makes it what it is. The movement expresses itself as the curator of the new generation. It’s a movement – get involved!



Kategorija Lietuvos išeivija
Patalpinta Penktadienis, Liepos 13th, 2012

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