Whether you are building, renovating or just replacing existing doors, you will be sure to find the right products for you and your home at Panorama Nordic. Our assortment consist of a wide range of wooden and wooden covered with aluminium sliding doors. UAB “Panorama Nordic” sliding doors are produced from laminated finger joint pine. Other wood options are also possible. Every door can be matched with or become a unique element of interior by choosing door colour from a wide range of water-based Teknos paint: from the NCS and RAL colour-palette. Client may also choose transparent paint and enjoy the  beauty of natural tree.

The unique aluminium and wood construction ensures a long life providing excellent value for money. Externally, the slim, elegant sightlines look good and let in more natural daylight, increasing the feeling of light and space inside. Internally, the pine frame adds a warm, natural finish to complement interior designs.


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Patalpinta Pirmadienis, Birželio 11th, 2012

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